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A game where YOU are the villain!

MachiaVillain is a horror mansion management game for PC, Mac & Linux, inspired by Dungeon Keeper, Prison Architect, and every horror movie cliche ever. Build your own manor, raise monsters, set traps, and slaughter your victims. It's what any good villain would do!

(that and spread our evil plans by sharing our Facebook post and Tweet !)

MachiaVillain is made by the same twisted minds behind Freaking Meatbags, so you know it's gonna be pretty wild.

The most important part of being an evil mastermind? Building your mansion, a.k.a. House of Death, a.k.a. The Place Where You Make and Keep the Bodies. MachiaVillain lets you sculpt this abode as you play, giving you all the freedom you need to forge the mansion of your nightmares. Also, of your victim's nightmares, since, you know, you'll be killing them and whatnot.

Turn your mansion into the perfect minion abode by adding things like vampire crypts, mad scientists labs, and cannibal kitchens.
Have your monsters gather every ressources you'll need to keep your workers happy and productive!

Power your home by tapping into nearby cemeteries for their spiritual energy, and maybe even construct some cool furniture using Evil Tree Wood. You know, if you're feeling lucky.

Oh, and don't forget to construct things that attract the right visitors, such as bookcases to lure geeks inside. Zombie minions love a tasty geek brain. Must be the folate or something.

No evil mansion is complete without a cadre of minions to keep it running. To staff your house of horrors, simply launch an invocation to rake in some evil resumes, tame hostile creaturesand get them to join your side, or just have your zombie crew infect victims and turn them into minions straight away.

It's tough to find good people, but we're pretty sure you can manage.

We're aiming at at least 30 different types of Monsters!

Choose your minions wisely, though, as each possesses different traits and has different needs that must be tended to. They also have different fighting styles, such as long range, short range, bare handed, and of course, bare fanged.

Keep your minion army well-fed with delicious, crunchy victims, or they might just turn against you!

Our menu tonight includes a wide array of victims: famous tropes such as jocks, nerds, potheads, party girls, horror movie celebrities, and maybe a bunch of Kickstarter backers, too!

Victims in horror movies are notoriously dumb. Ours can be pretty dumb, too, but they do have a scare level you have to overcome as well as a touch of Artificial Intelligence to make things challenging. Different victims will react to monsters in a different way. Some will freeze, some will dash towards the exit, and some might even fight back!

Each type of victim provides you with different amounts of the four main food groups: brains,meat, blood and bones. A good variety ensures your minions stay well-fed.

Building a mansion of pure horror? Check. Managing and feeding minions of equal amounts of horror? Double check. Now let's talk about fighting.

Combat in MachiaVillain utilizes an active pause system that allows you to fight, observe,strategize, then bathe in blood.

Different adversaries use different tactics to rob you of your killing pleasures, such as armed SWAT teams and angry mobs with pitchforks.

There are even pro monster hunters who come knocking at your door, as well as hostile creatures hidden in the environment.

The environment is full of hostile creatures who want to take your place at the top of the food chain. Chupacabra, Wendigo, Sasquatch... Sure killing them is fun, but what if you could turn hostiles into allies ? If you CAN beat them... make them join you !

Sawing through countless victims means you'll end up with a few spare parts. Why not use those bits and bobs to craft something useful?

MachiaVillain lets you create things using ingredients gathered from victims and harvested from the environment. Put them together and you'll get something horrifying, but also useful.

Some of the things you can craft include...

• Frankenstein's monster
• Mud Monster
• Living skeleton
• Toxic gas traps
• Flamethrower traps
• More of everything above!

The key to evil survival in MachiaVillain is to follow the unspoken rules of the horror movie genre. You do have an Evil Mastermind Reputation to think about, after all. Follow the villain's rules to be a real success. Or don't, and see what happens!

• You must kill victims when they're alone.
• Unless they're having sex, in which case, slaughter the degenerates!
• You must kill the virgin last.
• Victims can only be massacred at night.
• Don't kill the dog. NEVER kill the dog. What kind of monster would do that?!
• Don't let anyone escape. If they do, they'll sic the good guys on you. Although, if you're spoiling for a fight...

With the support of the French CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée)

Published Nov 11, 2016
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux


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